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KOVA Fertilizer Inc. will be celebrating 75 years of being in business on August 12, 2010.  KOVA Fertilizer is Heartland’s parent company.  All of us at Heartland join all of Kova’s friends and business associates in congratulating them for achieving this milestone and wish for them another successful 75 years.


Mini-Bulks In the Crosshairs was the lead tag to an article published recently in Crop Life magazine.  All containers, new or currently in use as refillable containers must be compliant to the new regulations no later than August 16th, 2011.  There are key provisions, which we all must become familiar with.  I am not prepared to address them at this time because I too need more schooling in those provisions.

If you go to the IFCA web site, ( there are links to a couple of sites that will be very helpful to get you started with understanding the new requirements.


Volunteer Corn As growers rapidly adopted the glyphosate resistant corn varieties into their farming operations; we saw a new weed emerge in soybeans.  The volunteer glyphosate resistant corn (VGRC).  For several reasons, it is becoming a greater challenge to control VGRC from one year to the next in a corn/soybean crop rotation.

Since glyphosate alone will not have any effect on VGRC, there must be a tank mix partner added to the glyphosate solution to be able control it.  The logical tank-mix partners are Selectâ and Fusiladeâ, or a generic form of these chemistries.  The challenge is that these products have entirely different adjuvancy needs than does glyphosate.

Consider our Luftechä adjuvant.  Luftech has the ability to energize both the tank-mix partner and the glyphosate.  It contains a water conditioner that drops the spray solution to near a pH 3 – which is great for glyphosate.  It also contains two additional components that improves the uptake of the oil soluble tank-mix partners across the plant cuticle.  The result is a faster uptake and quicker knockdown of tough weeds and VGRC.  Consider giving our Luftech adjuvant a try.  Call your Heartland sales representative for more information.